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A tremendous surgeon and an even better human being. He has made the process of coming back from a full ACL and meniscus tear almost enjoyable….ALMOST. All kidding aside, I could not be happier with the results from a physiological standpoint but the true difference is in the care, instruction, follow-up, and confidence he’s instilled in me throughout this entire process.

David Baez | Google

Working directly with Dr. Chahla is a pleasure. It’s abundantly clear, he is an expert in his profession. The dedication to industry research and continuing education is beyond impressive. Coupled with his down to earth demeanor and genuine compassion for his patients and I don’t see how you could find better orthopedic care.

James L. Bass | Google

Dr Jorge Chahla expertly mended my left clavicle and I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone in similar situation.

Joakim Backstrom | Google

My Son Isaac, who is an avid Rugby, Football, and Wrestler, was having severe hip pain. Being so active we thought it was just a strain. He was diagnosed with Femoral Impingement with Labral tear. Dr. Chahla was extremely caring, and answered all of our concerns. We opted to try PT, as well as a Cortisone injection, both of which did not improve my sons situation much. We then scheduled surgery. What a miracle. Day 1 post op I could see a huge difference in my sons demeanor. I actually thought it was crazy that he wasn’t in any pain. He is still in the recovery phase, but he is on his way to making a stronger than ever comeback thanks to Dr. Chahla and his team.

Sarah Reilly | Google

Dr. Chahla’s consultation was wonderful, he explained the serious problems with my shoulder. He took his time showing me the MRI and answered all of my questions. My shoulder pain prior to surgery was significant and my ability to sleep was minimal, 3-4 hours a night. I had surgery on Friday 11-15-2019 Monday 11-18 no pain and no pain meds! At this point my range of motion is fantastic, I mean unbelievable. I just saw him about my knee. I would not trust anyone else, look no further he is an All star, you don’t need a second opinion!

Kim Cohn | Google

Dr. Chala is an excellent doctor who performs amazing work and provides incredible aftercare. 10 months after major reconstructive knee surgery, I am downhill skiing and able to engage in all activities pain-free. I would recommend Dr. Chala to anyone seeking the high-precision surgical care.

Julie Tavoso | Google

I had a surgery consult with Dr. Chahla a few weeks ago for 2 muscular tears in the shoulder/rotator cuff. My ortho had suggested that I would need surgery. I was really nervous about the whole experience. Dr. Chahla was so detailed in showing me inflammation and the tear in the MRI I had. He then suggested no surgery and instead recommended a cortisone shot on the actual bicep. He used a guided ultrasound to make sure everything was accurate. He was so nice and kind to me. Really liked his physician assistant as well. The fact that he wasn’t recommending surgery when I clearly thought I was going to have to have surgery is a testament to what a great ortho he is. I highly recommend him and will continue to see him for my shoulder.

Susana Rodriguez | Google

Great professional and even better person. The best!

Andres Vicenite Governator | Google

Dr. Jorge is excellent and professional. Always predisposed and looking for excellence in his profession. I accompanied my mother with a knee problem and managed to solve years of treatments. Excellent person and doctor.

Guillermina Anadon | Google

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