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Cartilage Restoration

Chicago based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jorge Chahla specializes in cartilage restoration. With advances in medical and orthopedics patients suffering from degenerative cartilage disease have options that were not historically available. Dr. Jorge Chahla has received advanced training in cartilage restoration which allows him to surgically repair, or replace cartilage. Our joints are separated by a vital covering of smooth white tissue called cartilage. Your cartilage allows the bones to glide easily over each other, making for painless, smooth movements. When cartilage is damaged by normal wear and tear, injury or disease, normal movement is compromised resulting in pain and inflammation. Dr. Chahla can help you recover with cutting edge techniques.

Cartilage Restoration Center

At a Glance

Dr. Jorge Chahla

  • Triple fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon
  • Performs over 500 surgeries per year
  • Assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Rush University
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