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Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

After being a lifelong athlete, running two marathons, and coaching high school goal keepers, I started to have some recurring pain and repeated injuries. I consulted with hip surgeon Dr. Jorge Chahla in the summer of 2020. After a physical exam, x-rays and an MRI, he discovered that the root of the problem was my hip. Upon his recommendation, I completed three months of PT, strengthening the area and seeing how much improvement we could get without surgery. After PT I was still experiencing trouble in my day-to-day life and I was still unable to resume my previous level of physical activity.

We decided to schedule labral repair surgery and it was extremely successful. I was able to start running 6 months after surgery, take a hiking vacation, and just successfully completed my third marathon. Dr. Chahla and his team were wonderful! They answered all of my questions (and I often had typed lists of questions), explained everything clearly, and the website provided great detail in writing. They were very clear about what may and may not be covered through insurance and provided a detailed and specific path to recovery.

My advice to anyone undergoing surgery is to follow the plan. If rest is required, do that. Are you supposed to use crutches? Use them! No weight bearing? Don’t put weight on it. Are you supposed to wear a brace, ice, or elevate? Should you do exercises and go to PT? Follow all recommendations!

With Dr. Chahla and his team, and the great PT I received at FIT Institute, I have experienced a wonderful recovery! I am active in my daily life, and training for my fourth marathon. And now, my surgery hip is my “good” hip!