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Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Hip surgeon Dr. Jorge Chahla and his team were exceptional from the start. I came in wanting to address some hip pain that I had been dealing with for a decent amount of time. I am a strength athlete and coach, and this pain was causing me to be unable to train like I wanted and once was able. After imaging, it was evident I needed a hip arthroscopy surgery. Everything was scheduled and explained very well. It was comforting to know that Dr. Chahla’s goal was also to get me back to training – which has not always been my experience with other doctors. Everything from surgery to recovery and rehab went better than I could have expected. Within months I was able to begin rebuilding and eventually get back to and even beyond where I was at pre-injury. I am beyond thrilled with the entire process! I owe Dr. Chahla and his team a huge thank you for getting me back out there lifting and coaching again!