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Microfracture + Augmentation for Focal Chondral Lesions in the Knee

Posted on: October 31st, 2022 by Our Team

Cartilage in the knee joint has multiple purposes, primarily serving as a cushion between the femur and tibia. When the cartilage is damaged, focal lesions can develop that may cause significant pain and disability. Cartilage has a limited inherent ability to heal, and therefore, breakdown in the knee joint can lead to progression of arthritis. A common treatment for focal cartilage lesions in the knee is microfracture, which is a surgical technique that aims to promote healing of the native tissue. However, limitations do exist with microfracture alone. Addition of augmentation procedures, including the use of orthobiologics and scaffolds, can have a synergistic effect with microfracture in terms of healing.

In our study, we performed a systematic review and meta-analyses of studies to compare outcomes of microfracture + augmentation to microfracture alone for treatment of focal chondral lesions of the knee. The main conclusions from the study include a significant improvement in clinical scores and imaging evaluation of lesions in microfracture + augmentation when compared to microfracture alone.

Dr. Jorge Chahla and his team strive to understand what techniques lead to superior outcomes to best serve his patients.

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