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Working from home: Tips for better posture

Many people are finding they are unexpectedly working from home as they shelter in place, but do not have a proper office setup. Working remotely does not have to be a literal pain. Dr. Jorge Chahla provides simple and...read more

Q&A Interview

Q&A: How can I prevent and identify stress injuries during running season?

The Chicago Marathon has welcomed more than 900,000 runners since the event was founded in 1977. With the upcoming race scheduled for October 11, 2020, both new and seasoned runners are working through their respective training programs. Many seek...read more

Sports Medicine

Managing Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa hip dislocation

Hip dislocations are not common in people that do not have a joint replacement, as the hip joint is very stable, and they usually require a major trauma to produce a dislocation such as a car accident or falls...read more

Q&A Interview

Q&A My knee hurts. When should I see a doctor?

The knee is a hinge joint made of the thigh bone, the shin bone, and the knee cap. The bones are covered with cartilage to absorb shock and protect the knee. The knee joint is held together with ligaments,...read more

Knee Conditions

10 Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body. It is made of 3 bones covered with cartilage, multiple ligaments, muscles and tendons. Any of these structures can wear out or be injured and cause knee...read more