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Sports Medicine

ACL Rehabilitation: General Concepts in Physical Therapy

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee is one of the key ligaments that help to stabilize the knee joint. ACL tears typically occur through either contact or non-contact injury in high-risk sports such as soccer, football, basketball, more

Sports Medicine

Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction: Maximizing Function and Preventing Re-injury

One of the most important topics in ACL rehabilitation among physicians and physical therapists is the question of when to safely return the athlete to sport. A study published in The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy more

Sports Medicine

Rehabilitation after Meniscus Injury

Meniscal tears involve injury or degenerative changes to the C-shaped piece of cartilage of the knee. The meniscus acts as a shock absorber and distributes weight equally to promote balance and stability and control movements at the knee. more

Sports Medicine

Return to sport – how to do it the right way

By Carson Lux. When an athlete is recovering from an injury, the journey can be filled with great hopes, crazy emotions, and fears, but the one thought that dominates his or her recovery is “Will I be able more

Sports Medicine

Managing Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa hip dislocation

Hip dislocations are not common in people that do not have a joint replacement, as the hip joint is very stable, and they usually require a major trauma to produce a dislocation such as a car accident or more

Sports Medicine

Is CrossFit Safe?

Dr. Jorge Chahla’s article, “Is CrossFit Safe” was recently published on Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush’s blog. Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘The “CrossFit Culture” has had unparalleled growth since its inaugural CrossFit Games Championship in 2007. more

Sports Medicine

Dr. Jorge Chahla featured on Fox News 32

Dr. Jorge Chahla was recently featured on Fox News 32 discussing the seriousness and propensity for concussions in women’s soccer. Dr. Chahla is an internationally renowned sports medicine specialist and is ofter cited as an expert in his more