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Knee Publications

Influence of Meniscal and Chondral Lesions on Patient-Reported Outcomes After Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction at 2-Year Follow-up

PMID: 29468171 Reports have shown that 30% to 60% of those with ACL tears also demonstrate either meniscal or chondral injuries at the time of their ACL reconstruction surgery. Although these lesions concurrent with ACL tears have been associated with...read more

Knee Publications

Effect of Meniscocapsular and Meniscotibial Lesions in ACL-Deficient and ACL-Reconstructed Knees: A Biomechanical Study

The medial meniscus is connected to the knee joint capsule at the meniscocapsular attachment (MCA) and to the tibia at the meniscotibial attachment (MTA). Tears of the MCA, historically termed “ramp” lesions” have been reported in up to 17%...read more

Knee Publications

Diagnostic Performance of Artificial Intelligence for Detection of Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Meniscus Tears: A Systematic Review

PMID: 32956803 Imaging-based detection of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as its current gold standard for diagnosis. However, the accuracy of these MRI readings may decrease due to observer inexperience, presence of multiple injuries,...read more

Knee Publications

Anterolateral Knee Extra-articular Stabilizers: A Robotic Study Comparing Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction and Modified Lemaire Lateral Extra-articular Tenodesis

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are commonplace in the world of sports medicine and are often treated with ACL reconstruction. Following reconstruction, however, patients may continue to experience knee instability. This study aimed to determine the impact of the...read more

Knee Publications

Biological Treatment of the Knee with Platelet-Rich Plasma or Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrates

Knee pathologies including focal cartilage injuries, osteoarthritis and ligament injuries are common. The use of biologic agents has emerged as an option for treating these diseases. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has gained significant interest for treating common sports medicine injuries....read more

Knee Publications

Assessing the Resident Progenitor Cell Population and the Vascularity of the Adult Human Meniscus

Surgical treatment of meniscal tears involves either meniscal repair or meniscectomy, which is the removal of the damaged meniscus. Recent studies have reported meniscectomies to significantly reduce the career lengths of professional athletes, while repairs demonstrated higher success rates...read more


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