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Knee Publications

Type II Medial Meniscus Root Repair With Peripheral Release for Addressing Meniscal Extrusion

PMID: 31687324 Medial meniscal root tears are often disabling injuries that can occur in isolation during low-velocity, deep knee flexion movements in middle-aged patients. These lesions often demonstrate a type II pattern, which is described by a tear more

Knee Publications

The Influence of Graft Tensioning Sequence on Tibiofemoral Orientation During Bicruciate and Posterolateral Corner Knee Ligament Reconstruction: A Biomechanical Study

When multiple ligaments are reconstructed during knee surgery, the order of tensioning each graft can affect alignment of the tibia and femur. If the resulting alignment varies from what naturally occurs, issues such as instability and graft failure more

Knee Publications

Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Posterolateral Meniscal Anatomy: Defining the Popliteal Hiatus, Popliteomeniscal Fascicles, and the Lateral Meniscotibial Ligament

PMID: 31136201 Surgical treatment of lateral meniscal tears can be challenging due to the greater mobility of the lateral meniscus, thin capsule, and management of the popliteal hiatus. In such instances, having a detailed understanding of relevant anatomy more

Knee Publications

Single-Stage Multiple-Ligament Knee Reconstructions for Sports-Related Injuries: Outcomes in 194 Patients

Multi-ligament knee injuries in the young and active population can be devastating. This case series sought to report outcomes following sports-related single-stage multi-ligament knee reconstructions. Over a 6-year period, 194 patients that sustained injury to least two out more

Knee Publications

Platelet-Rich Plasma Augmentation in Meniscal Repair Surgery: A Systematic Review of Comparative Studies

PMID: 32057981 Meniscal lesions occur frequently in athletes and the general population, with approximately 1 million meniscal surgical procedures in the United States each year. For patients with chronic, degenerative tears, meniscal injuries may not be able to more

Knee Publications

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Medial Patellar Ligaments: An Anatomic and Radiographic Study

Previous literature is lacking in a description of the medial stabilizing ligaments of the kneecap in relation to surrounding structures and one another. In this study, the attachments of the following ligaments were analyzed in relation to bony more