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Patellar Tendon Repair with Double-Row Suture Anchors and Achilles Allograft

Posted on: October 31st, 2022 by Our Team

Chronic patellar tendon injuries are defined as tears greater than 2 weeks old and are typically more complex to manage than acute tears. As the duration from injury progresses, the tear edges retract, tendon quality degenerates, and surrounding supportive tissues scar and atrophy. These factors often preclude primary repair in a large percentage of chronic patellar ruptures. Consequently, the use of double-row suture anchor configurations has been explored as a technique to provide improved strength in addition to tendon-to-bone compression at the anatomic footprint. The purpose of this Technical Note is to describe Dr. Jorge Chahla’s step-by-step surgical technique for chronic patellar tendon rupture repair using a double-row suture fixation construct with Achilles allograft augmentation. Dr. Jorge Chahla’s uses the best contemporary technique for his patients that offers a variety of benefits and permits early postoperative mobilization.

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