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Sports Medicine

Rehabilitation after Meniscus Injury

Meniscal tears involve injury or degenerative changes to the C-shaped piece of cartilage of the knee. The meniscus acts as a shock absorber and distributes weight equally to promote balance and stability and control movements at the knee. In...read more

Sports Medicine

Return to sport – how to do it the right way

By Carson Lux. When an athlete is recovering from an injury, the journey can be filled with great hopes, crazy emotions, and fears, but the one thought that dominates his or her recovery is “Will I be able to...read more

Shoulder Conditions

Causes and Treatment for Common Rotator Cuff Injuries

There are four distinct muscles-tendons that make up the commonly known rotator cuff, which provide both strength and stability to the shoulder. The muscles originate from the scapula (shoulder blade) and connect to the head of the humerus (arm...read more

Orthopedic Innovation

Opioid Sparring Surgery

By Scott Sigman, MD Opioids during my medical training were described as inexpensive and minimally addictive. That could not be any further from the truth. The reality is that Opioids are highly addictive and are incredibly expensive to our...read more

Biologic Injections

Injections: From Cortisone, to PRP and Stem Cells. What do we need to know?

Cortisone Injections Steroids act like the hormone cortisol, which functions as a part of your body’s natural defense system to reduce inflammation in the body. For most patients, decreasing inflammation typically translates into pain relief. Where in our body...read more

All Articles

Is writing really just words? Pearls and pitfalls to getting a manuscript accepted for publication

After enduring potentially rigorous research processes including designing an appropriate study, data collection, and analyzing results, the final step prior to submitting to a research journal is formulating a well-written manuscript. However, this final step can be one of...read more