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Gluteus Medius Reconstruction

For a long time, I was having a lot of pain in my hip and back. Over time, it became very difficult for me to walk and do daily activities.

I went to hip surgeon Dr. Jorge Chahla, and after the MRI and diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a gluteus medius tear in my hip. Based off of my significant functional limitations, it was recommended that I undergo surgery to repair the torn tendon.

During the operation Dr. Chahla found the damage to the tendon was far than anticipated. So, an Achilles tendon allograft was used to reconstruct the torn tendon.

It was a larger operation than was expected, and I was in pain the first few weeks of recovery. However, with the help of his team, I was able to manage the pain well.

At first the rehabilitation and physical therapy was hard, but the therapist encouraged me that we needed to continue with strengthening and re-learning how to walk correctly. After a while of completing the rehabilitation and physical therapy, my pain began to gradually decrease.

Several months have now gone by, and I have come a long way! I am no longer using the walker or cane, and I am even going up and down stairs.

Thank you Dr. Chahla for helping me!!