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ACL Injury

I was playing in a basketball tournament and tore my ACL. We went to MOR because we did research online and quickly discovered they are simply the best care provider and one of the top in the country. Dr. Jorge Chahla really took the time to diagnose, educate & coach me into how I could recover from an autograft surgery.

At age 14, it was definitely very scary at first to hear that I needed surgery. After team Chahla went through the process and explained why it was necessary, I felt more comfortable.

I was more freaked out after my surgery than any time. This was the time where everything I did reflected on how I would recover, every move at first was very hard. I could barely lift my leg off the ground.

I remember the first day after my surgery I was already on a stationary bike, and I couldn’t go all the way around. That was my first goal at therapy that I set for myself; to go all the way around on the bike one time.

As months went by, I kept working out everyday and setting new, small goals and soon ended up better than ever, physically, on the court.

I want to thank the entire MOR Chahla team for treating my injury with such a positive outlook. Dr Chahla & MaryKate were amazing the entire journey.

To anyone who is going through the recovery process form a sports injury, keep going! Don’t give up and keep your goals attainable. You can do it. Thank you to everyone at MOR for helping me get back to playing my favorite sport!