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Indications and Outcomes for Arthroscopic Hip Labral Reconstruction With Autografts- A Systematic Review

Posted on: February 4th, 2021 by Our Team

The acetabular labrum in the hip plays a major role in hip function and stability. The gold standard treatment for labral tears is to repair the tissue. However, in cases where tissue is not amenable to repair, reconstruction using a graft has been demonstrated to provide superior outcomes as compared to simply removing the tissue from the joint. Autografts have been used for reconstruction and can come from a variety of places in the body including the iliotibial band (ITB), semitendinosus (hamstring), and indirect head of the rectus femoris tendon. In this review, the authors analyzed current literature to summarize outcomes, complications, and reoperation rates after arthroscopic labral reconstruction with autografts.

Briefly, the authors found that arthroscopic autograft reconstruction of the acetabular labrum consistently improved short- and mid-term patient reported outcomes, for properly selected patients presenting with pain and functional limitation in the hip due to an irreparable labral injury. Furthermore, autograft use was reported with low reoperation and complication rates. Such grafts inherently inflict minimal donor-site morbidity and avoid the risks and costs of allografts, those from a donor patient, since they come directly from a patient’s own body. Understanding the right graft choice for a patient is key in achieving improved clinical outcomes and quality of life after surgery.

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